I’m a research technician working in soil and environmental sciences. It may seem like an odd day job to hobby combo, but in reality, I’m just a big fan of clay.

I grew up in Maine and probably played around with some handbuilding when I was in middle school. I’m pretty sure that my Mom still has some figures that I made proudly on display somewhere in the house.

A few years ago, when I moved to Northern Virginia, I happened across a pottery studio at a local rec center, and decided to sign up for some wheel throwing classes. I LOVED IT!!!

It has been about 4 years (with some small breaks in between) since that day. Currently I am casually working in a community studio at the YMCA in Blacksburg, VA. I hope to continue learning, creating, and expanding on my skills and techniques. Working with ceramics is going to be a life long hobby for me, and I am happy to keep sharing my success and failures here with everyone!